Morris Career Consulting simply offers one of the most personal, thoughtful and customized solutions for career advancement. We work with you to understand your goals in order to provide a unique and polished solution to your needs. 



Resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles are all part of our repertoire. We help you create a portfolio that is clear, concise and allows you to always stand out.  


We are adamant on the success of doing mock interviews. They create confidence and a polished persona from beginning to end. We provide plenty of feedback to make sure you nail it. 


We can show you how to use and build your network to grow your career. Let us help you create a plan that is tailored to you and conquer your fears. 


Everything from a chat about a decision you face, to a discussion about how to get back into your career after maternity/paternity leave. We will be your lifeline.  

We offer a number of packages to suit your needs.


Our most complete package with full support throughout the process. This covers everything from resumes, networking and interview prep. 12 sessions + unlimited text and e-mail support throughout. 

          Career Essentials


This package are for those who need help getting started with their job search. Job search plan, resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter are a must. 4 sessions + edits are included.

         Interview Preparation


Booked an interview? This comprehensive plan will completely prepare you for what's to come with worksheets, 2 robust mock interviews and feedback. 3 sessions + feedback are included. 

         Career Mentoring


For those who want a meaningful and impactful career discussion, help planning a career roadmap or anything in between. Get expert advice and pay as you go.